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Read here how your support is truly making a difference!

Dear Sponsors, Donors, Participants, and Volunteers:

Thank you all for your involvement in Jon’s Run this past May! Beginning with the fun of watching all of the little ones in the Kids’ Run, participating in the reflective and beautiful Memorial Balloon Release, seeing the excitement of the runners and walkers on the course, and finally enjoying the music, refreshments and community of the post-race festivities, we saw, once again, the positive healing impact that Jon’s Run has on families who have suffered the loss of a child. This would not be possible without so many of you! We were pleased to present donations to two non-profit organizations that offer grief support in San Antonio, Center for Infant and Child Loss and Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas. We are also excited to share that through your generosity we donated, for the second year, $20,000 to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) research to help fund an innovative study in the UK. This study is a continuation of the research conducted by Dr. Daniel Rubens from Seattle Children’s Hospital and The SIDS Research Guild.  The following is from a letter we received from Dr. Rubens:

We believe the solution to SIDS is finally within reach and appreciate your support of the research it will take to achieve our goal. In 2008, we identified that infants predisposed for SIDS have a hearing suppression in the right ear on their newborn hearing screen tests. We currently plan to undertake a project to explore this finding on a large scale in greater detail. It is our ultimate goal to demonstrate to policy makers that this simple procedure can be adapted to detect infants at risk of SIDS. The ramification is far reaching since it has never previously been possible to detect infants at risk immediately after birth and therefore prevent a fatal event ahead of time.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see what this study might mean for the possible elimination of infant death from SIDS. Thank you for your part in this advancement. We invite you to join us as we celebrate 15 years of Jon's Run on May 13, 2017!


Melissa & David, Jon's Parents